ePost #5

Obstacles in Pursuit of Higher Education My two largest obstacles for completing my Interdisciplinary Studies major are requesting classes that I may not have prerequisites for and finding a new institution after my former college closed. My first two years in higher education was at the former institution of Green Mountain College. Following a decline […]

PLN #2

Job Attractiveness and Wilderness Therapy Earlier this week my class was visited by Leslie Blakney, the Director of Career Development at Plymouth State University. She came to talk to us about the current trends in what makes an idea job candidate. Hiring managers seem to be looking for less physical skills and more interpersonal skills. […]

Application Essay

Wilderness Therapeutic Adventure Henry Huang I have titled my program Wilderness Therapeutic Adventure because the goal is to understand and use the influence of nature with psychology in order to help clientele overcome personal struggle and inner conflict. I have created this program so that I may learn how to facilitate nature to address mental, […]

ePort Post #4

As we’ve continued through the semester, we have covered the usage of ePorts, PLNs, created contracts and application essays for our individual programs, and met with faculty from the respective fields we are interested in taking class from. Now, we have the opportunity to further explore previous topics and teach our peers for the remainder […]

PLN #1

Podcast: Stories From The Field: Demystifing Wilderness Therapy Episode 44: Karen Scrafford, Co-founder of Elements Wilderness Therapy This podcast was enlightening to listen to as it brought several questions and considerations to mind. It led me towards a bit of a life choice crisis as I lost sight of what I wanted to do. As […]

Brainology and Grit

The article Brainology by Carol Dweck emphasized two main points. That our mindset of how our brains work effects our performance, and how can we encourage the growth of a better mindset? Dweck states that there are two mindsets, a fixed and a growth mindset. She provides evidence as to the impact each of these […]

Post #2

Henry Huang Intro to Interdisciplinary Studies Last week we had two readings, How Public? Why Public? by Matthew Cheney and The Web We Need To Give Students by Audrey Watters. I really enjoyed the two different arguments for why we should provide students with their own web space and portfolios. Watters sets up her argument […]


Henry Huang             Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies is a three-credit course, meeting Tuesday nights or Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It is required for all Interdisciplinary Studies majors and is one of two specific IDS classes. Going in I knew that we were going to be creating the rest of our college career class schedules, but […]