Jewel of my portfolio. Those words have been rattling around my head since the introduction of this course. I wanted to do something special and new for this project, so I have set myself a challenge to test my creativity, knowledge of the field, and experience with groups. What I am going to create is a book of different individual and group games, energizers, activities. I recognize that a plethora of these already exists and my book will be unique in the vision of its core values. I am writing for myself and other facilitators in mind, but hopefully anyone should be able to pick up the book and facilitate its activities.  In the end, I hope to have produced something that is extraordinary simple and easy to use for others and be a reflection of my struggles and triumphs as a facilitator.

              The core values I have imposed on the project are that every activity is not terrain specific and can be completed with materials at hand in the field. I am also planning to add a section specifically for remote facilitation to reflect the current times. I chose these guiding rules to stretch my ability to create entirely original activities without adding the burden of having to carry materials into the field. As a facilitator, one of my weaknesses is thinking on the fly and being creative when it comes to initiating these sorts of games. Thus, I hope to expand my comfortability being creative and flexible in facilitating. Additionally, I see my book as a guide of suggestions and hopefully new activities. I hope others use it as a launchpad for customizing the activity to their own group needs and environment. Therefore, I have approached this project from the activity, not the learning expectations. I plan to include small suggestions of potential metaphors and desired learning outcomes with each activity and leave it open for interpretation.

              The final product should be a polished, easy to read book on Pressbooks with 12-20 original energizers, activities, and getting to know you games, of which at least 3 are remote based. Additionally, I am thinking of adding a means to sort and quickly find specific activities based off of type and/ or desire for specific themes for a debrief. This final part could be a cross-reference at the end or a separate module like excel. I recognize that this leans heavily on the Adventure Education side, and I hope to balance it out with the inclusion of psychological ideas, based on group dynamics,  in the potential learning outcomes.

As for the evaluation of completing my project I plan to add the completed book to a new page on my ePort, but if I can’t then at least a page dedicated to a link to finding the book on Pressbooks. I would like to book to be evaluated on its formatting and design, content of original activities, explanations of possible metaphors, and it’s simple to understand language.


Week of 9/16:

  • DUE: Project idea and typed proposal/timeline

Week of 9/23:

  • Work:
    • Begin brainstorming new games
      • Aim for having 7 this week
        • 2 intro, 2 energizers, 2 activities +1

Week of 9/30:

  • Work:
    • Cont. brainstorming
      • 2 intro, 2 energizers, 2 activities +1
      • Aim for 14
    • Begin exploring other materials (Pressbooks, excel, drawing diagrams, etc.)

Week of 10/7:

  • Work:
    • Writing out and formalizing wording for activities
    • Cont. brainstorming (7 more)
      • 2 intro, 2 energizers, 2 activities +1
    • Choose a means to put together book/ cross-reference index
    • Start finding images/ pictures for book
    • Start putting things into the book

Week of 10/14:

  • DUE: finalized design of book
    • What will each section of the book look like? Each page?
  • Work:
    • Cont. putting things into the book
      • Start adding in images/ pictures for book
    • Cont. Brainstorming (7 more)
      • Any extra? Add or replace bad ones
    • Prepare first draft and reflection

Week of 10/21:

  • DUE: first draft of project documentation/ reflection
    • Should have all activities formatted and placed into book
  • Work:
    • Add all parts in proper order of book
    • Start foreword
    • Finish writing index

Week of 10/28:

  • Work:
    • Finishing touches on page formatting
    • Finish Foreword
    • Proofread everything!!!
      • Title, copyright and use, foreword, activities, index
      • Double check index key words
    • Give to someone to give critique

Week of 11/4:

  • DUE: Final book
    • Should have cover page, Creative Commons copyright page, Table of Contents, Foreword, List of all materials, “Chapters” of Activities, Index
    • Ideally, included artwork/ diagrams of games being played
      • Either your own or found with proper use