A Personal Learning Network (PLN) is a tool that one can use to stay up to date and engaged in their respective field(s).

I have chosen to start with a diversity of methods to form my PLN. I am using Facebook, Google Scholar, and OutdoorEd.com. I am focused on entering the field of wilderness therapy and being an educator in the great outdoors.

Facebook is a great place to like and follow certain pages and organizations, as I have with the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council and the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Center.

Google Scholar is a great tool to use to receive updates on academic articles, and other things published relating to your field.

OutdoorEd.com is an organization designed as a place for a community of experiential educators and outdoor professionals.

The methods I have listed are more passive in that I will receive updates and notifications when there is something new to read, I also plan to continue to expand my professional network by attending regional conferences and continuing to meet peers also entering the field and established professionals.

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