I am happiest when I am physically active, able to go into outdoors, and creating something to improve quality of life. My life work will include the involvement of all three. I have always wanted to be a helper and extend my connection to nature to others. Currently, I see myself able to fulfill all three in the field of wilderness therapy or education.

For me to work on my lifework, I need to have my needs met and be the person I want to be. Thus, I see a large part of my life work creating those conditions for others. I know I live with a large number of privileges, and so I was able to focus on growing mentally and emotionally rather than physically. To borrow from Maslow, I was able to skip to the 3rd level in the pyramid and start building my psychological needs. I wish to help others have the same opportunity for development that I experienced.

              Ultimately, I want myself and others to find and become the ideal image of themselves. I found a love for the outdoors and was raised to be the person I want to be. Simply, I want to pass on my love for being outside. After that, if people are open to my encouragement, I want to provide a space for people to discover who they want to be. I gain a lot of personal self-worth from creating something of use that I am proud of. Whether it is building a bookcase or spinning an open atmosphere or happy memories, I want to add a positive impact to the world. I don’t see myself aiming for a global impact, more for a number of individual impacts that sow the seeds for larger change in the community. I recognize the need for large, systematic change in the world, but I see myself focusing on immediate, personal change while other work on creating widespread benefits.               I hope to be some form of an educator that works with students and the outdoor. I think as I grow and gain work experience I’ll gain more insight into the specifics of my lifework. It may even change, but for my plans out of college I do hope to work within these fields.