I need to look into Pressbook and start messing around with its features to see what else I need to learn. I also should check out some drawing/ image software for creating diagrams or illustrations of my activities. I’m not an artist so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to create something acceptable. I am a bit behind in my brain storming, so I need to set aside time to gather materials and space to clear my head and just create. I have access to a couple books of different games and activities but am purposely avoiding them. I want my creations to be as 100% my own as possible. So, I have not yet looked in the books to avoid making derivative games. I do plan to look through them for design and layout suggestions.

              My biggest hurdle is being creative and making the games, I just haven’t put enough time into it as I should. I currently have 10 games and mean to have 14. I also don’t have much diversity in types of games so I also would like to work on that. But, for now I just need to start getting into Pressbooks and explore the materials/ format options there.