PLN #2

Job Attractiveness and Wilderness Therapy

Earlier this week my class was visited by Leslie Blakney, the Director of Career Development at Plymouth State University. She came to talk to us about the current trends in what makes an idea job candidate. Hiring managers seem to be looking for less physical skills and more interpersonal skills. The list of things employers are looking for is full of criteria like critical thinking and problem solving, teamwork collaboration, leadership, and professional work ethic. Things that we must somehow learn and master, yet are never explicitly taught.

This is where Wilderness Therapy is a huge benefit to have. All those things are taught, scaffolded, pracaticed, and mastered in Wilderness Therapy. In group therapy we have these as goals written in a full value contract, or community contract. We do emphasize these skills and deliberately work on interpersonal skills.

Employers no longer look for the applicant who major is closest to the field, they look for who can possibly bring the most to the team. Who has the background knowledge for employment but also demonstrates capabilities of being a positive addition to the work place.

Wilderness Therapy is not some new aged, alternative treatment. It is going back to the basics to grow as not just a member of a community, but a community contributor.


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