I am behind on my timeline, I am slow on getting into Pressbooks, so I have yet to do any formatting for my book. I have reached my goal of minimum activities but still want to push my creativity for more. However, I do feel as though I am running out of room for original ideas that aren’t based off of games I know. I am trying to think way beyond the box, but my restrictions are now narrowing the options I have for new games. It has been specifically hard to generate new games for online groups. I have some ideas of how to adopt existing games for online, but still want to work on thinking of online specific games.

              I am dropping the idea of illustrations, my mental picture of what they would look like is unrealistic for me to uphold. So, instead I really want to have good formatting for the book with something for artistic flair interspaced in the pages. The other side of the project was that I wanted some sort of index to classify games and provide some ideas for potentially useful metaphors. I am thinking that I will include a snippet of potential uses for each game and then list broad categories at the end that provide name and pg. number of activities that could work. Finally, the fourth? Part of the project is to write a foreword about the mission of the book and its intended use. I have some general thoughts and concepts scatteredly written but need to finalize them in one document.

              I have had a very hectic past week so I’m just getting back into the swing of things. This weekend I will have the time to gather my example resources of other games books, and hopefully be given access to Pressbooks to start playing with the different formats. My next steps are to formally write the games, so I have the wording and general format I want in the book. Write the introduction and snippets for each game. Finally, place all of that into the book and polish it. I would like to keep thinking of more games, but that now has to be given a backseat in the priorities.