ePort Post #4

As we’ve continued through the semester, we have covered the usage of ePorts, PLNs, created contracts and application essays for our individual programs, and met with faculty from the respective fields we are interested in taking class from. Now, we have the opportunity to further explore previous topics and teach our peers for the remainder for the class.

We split into three groups to focus on something each group would like to teach. We all wanted to explore PLNs further, but through two different lenses. The first being through the exposure and usage of new or different mediums, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Linkedin. The second view point was to extrapolate the roots of PLNs and investigate similarities and differences all PLNs share. How we could each utilize multiple platforms to create a fully constructed PLN.

Thus, we are starting by a review of our PLNs and reengaging them with potentially new platforms. From there, I’m not sure where we are going to go. It seems we were a bit confused about the directions and what was expected of us last class, so I hope to see more focus on how/ what we are planning for the next 4 classes.

I would like to examine what PLNs are meant to do because as a class we had pretty different interpretations as to the original assignment. I thought that they might be used to serve 4 parts. To be a connection to discussion forums, information centers and advice, current events and notable articles related to your interests, and potentially a place for group sourcing for materials.

I would also enjoy expanding our knowledge and understanding about higher education, its history, and its future. With the age of information technology having been upon us for 15-20 years we are starting to see effects of the ripples of its creation. Anyone with access to the internet can practically learn anything with enough time and dedication. At the same time, physical work is being replace and reduced with robots, smart machines, and efficiency algorithms. So what is the future of degrees? Of our children’s education? Will they even go to college? As mentioned as before, 50% of us expect to work in a job that doesn’t currently exist. How do we educate and train ourselves for an unknown job?

You see a focus on critical thinking, STE(A)M skills, and the usage of good judgement exploding in high school and colleges. But, what does this mean for applying to future jobs? 

“Hello, I’m here for the job position. As you can see on my resume, I have excellent marks in active listening and critical thinking. I also did an internship at a STEM company.”

What? We need to see parallel changes across our society in all aspects of life to reflect the drastic change in our daily life. Particularly as a current college student, I am interested in others thoughts and current trends/ discussions on this topic as I don’t want my education and money to become obsolete and/ or unnecessary. 


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