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Obstacles in Pursuit of Higher Education

My two largest obstacles for completing my Interdisciplinary Studies major are requesting classes that I may not have prerequisites for and finding a new institution after my former college closed.

My first two years in higher education was at the former institution of Green Mountain College. Following a decline in enrollment and increase in debt over the past decade or so the college closed its doors pernamently after the 2018-2019 school year. Having only completed half of my degree I chose to transfer schools and finish at a new college. My choice has led me here, to Plymouth State University and its Interdisciplinary Studies major. Plymouth State currently has programs in Adventure Education and Psychology, but my transfer has limited me to only choose one major. Thus, I changed to Interdisciplinary Studies to where i could blend the two into my own “wilderness therapy” degree.

I was lucky enough that Plymouth State accepted all my credits, if only for electives, so that I could continue to graduate without delay. It was also very beneficial to the attribute a large quantity of those credits into my contract with the Interdisciplinary Studies program.

Having created my own contract, I have introduced a new collection of classes that flow in their own way, not following any established degree path. Thus, I anticipate problems with registering for classes when I may not have the required prerequisits or knowledge of the professor. This is an issue common for Interdisciplinary Studies majors and I have been supported by faculty and staff in and outside the major to help me accomplish my degree.

Overall, I recognize that I have had a relatively smooth and clean road to and in college with minimal bumps or challenges. I have grown up in a supportive family fiscally and personally and have been raised in a city that values high quality education and have had amazing opportunities in my school system. I try to place value on what I have been given, but I know that I may never truly learn what a gift I have been given.


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